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  • Simposium/Acronym
    Acronym Simposium
    S1. Synthesis S1. Advances in Synthetic Methodology: New Concepts, Strategies and Applications
    S2. Catalysis S2. Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry
    S3. MaterEnerg S3. Materials for Energy
    S4. Didactics S4. Didactics, History & Outreach in Chemistry
    S5. Computers S5. Computers in Chemistry
    S6. Organometal S6. New Frontiers in Organometallic Chemistry
    S7. ChemBio S7. Chemical Tools for Chemical Biology
    S8. Optical S8. Optical Materials: Synthesis & Biological Applications
    S9. Bioanalytical S9. Bioanalytical Chemistry in Health and Food Safety
    S10. Structure S10. From Structural Knowledge to Chemical Properties and Materials
    S11. Self-assembly S11. New Functional Systems from Self-Assembly
    S12. MaterHealth
    S12. Materials for Health
    S13. Nanomaterials S13. Chemistry of Functional Nanomaterials
    S14. Engineering S14. Chemical Engineering & Climate Change
    S15. NaturalProd S15. Natural products: Identification and production
    S16. PorousMater S16. Porous Materials: Chemistry and Applications

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